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Shareholder Benefit Program

1.Purpose of the shareholder benefit program introduction

The Company has decided to introduce a shareholder benefit program not only to recognize and appreciate its shareholders' unchanged support, but also to enhance the value of investment in the Company's shares so that as many shareholders as possible will be motivated to hold the Company's shares over the medium to long term.

2.Shareholder benefit plan outline

(1) Eligibility:
The shareholder benefit program is available to shareholders whose names are recorded in the shareholders’ register on the record date (March 31 of each year) and who have held 1,000 shares or more of the Company’s shares for three consecutive years or longer.

(2) Special Benefit Item for Shareholders:
The Company will present shareholders with Amazon gift cards according to the number of shares held and holding period as follows.

Number of shares held Holding period
Less than 3 years 3 years or more
1,000 or more –
Less than 2,000
¥1,000 value ¥2,500 value
2,000 or more ¥2,000 value ¥5,000 value

Shareholders are deemed to “have continuously held the Company’s shares for 3 years or longer” if they are kept registered in the Company’s shareholder registry as holders of 1,000 / 2000 or more shares in the Company with the same shareholder numbers at least 13 consecutive times as of March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31 of past years and the applicable record date.

(3) Delivery schedule:
Scheduled to be delivered in late June every year.

3.Commencement of shareholders benefit program

The first shareholders eligible for the benefit program will be chosen from those whose names are recorded in the shareholders’ register on March 31, 2018.