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About Japan Asia Group

Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

Save the Earth, Make Communities Green

Our Vision

Group growth through technological innovation integrating financial expertise

Our Values

Integrity, Imagination, and Entrepreneurship

Our Logo

Japan Asia Group's logo expresses the corporate founder's strong wish for the company to become a bridge connecting Japan and Asia. The founder’s early business placed him as witness to the growth of Singapore and Vietnam as countries and economies. Attributing his own growth to the positive dynamism experienced during that period, and thankful for the experience, he founded Japan Asia Group to realize ideas and projects that would contribute new and additional value to society through capital investment, and play a part in the further development of both Asia and Japan.

Japan Asia Group's seamlessly integrated technological innovation and financial expertise gives us a unique advantage in making sustainable, green communities a reality, because the future we want will require both the technological innovation to solve problems faced by our modern society, as well as the financial strength to commercialize key innovations.

Globally, as the effects of climate change become more evident, we collectively face a greater propensity towards natural disasters. In Japan, we also face challenges around economical soundness, population decline, regional revitalization, energy self-sufficiency, ageing infrastructure, and disaster risk reduction; we are at a turning point as a society. Japan Asia Group makes it our mission to encourage the development of sustainable, green communities where safety and security is the norm, by ensuring such communities’ continued growth.

At Japan Asia Group we value integrity, as without respecting individuals, and the diversity of opinions and points of view held, and gaining trust, it is impossible to work towards a better community, society, and future. We also value the power of imagination as a tool that lets us step in and experience problems as our own, consider desirable outcomes as the one affected, and thus identify the best solutions. And our spirit of entrepreneurship - we do not hesitate to change, and we act enthusiastically and delicately to reach our best solutions - keeps us moving forward to realize our envisioned future. Such corporate values support us in realizing our mission, to Save the Earth, and Make Communities Green.

Japan Asia Group's Principles of Action

Japan Asia Group’s principles of action outlines how the company expects its employees to act while delivering on corporate Mission, Vision, and Values so that Japan Asia Group will continue to conduct business as a widely trusted member of society and achieve continued growth and development.

Principle 1 - provide progressive and socially valuable services and products

・We will strive to think from our clients’ point of view, understand client needs and issues, and provide solutions backed up by the entire organization with sincerity and speed.

・We will encourage our employees to think outside the box, never cease to learn and improve, stay ahead of technological innovations, and provide new services and products coming through the seamless integration of our technological and financial expertise.

・We will comply with laws of the land and rules of society, and conduct transactions under free competition that are appropriate, fair, and transparent.

Principle 2 - create an enabling work environment that nurtures excellence

・We will encourage our employees to value each other’s differences in gender, age, nationality, experience, and tasks, and to achieve better results through diversity.

・We will work with our employees and build a work environment that is safe, comfortable, and conducive to work.

・We will value our employees as key resources for our corporate growth and development; we will work to cultivate expertise, creativity, and the spirit of challenge in them.

Principle 3 – contribute towards a sustainable environment and society

・We will strive to solve social issues through our business activities, towards the development and realization of sustainable, green communities

・We will engage the communities in which we conduct business in, contribute to such communities through various activities, and satisfy our responsibility as corporate citizens.

・We will continue to strive to enhance the sustainability of the environment and resilience of communities through our business activities.

Principle 4 - communicate with our shareholders and investors

・We will grow our corporate value by implementing our corporate Mission, Vision, and Values.

・We will ensure proper corporate governance to win enduring trust from our shareholders and investors.

・We will enhance good relations with all investors and shareholders in an equitable manner by disclosing corporate management information accurately, proactively and in a timely manner, and by reflecting the opinions on investors and shareholders in our corporate management.