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Group History

Apr. 2019
Kokusai Building Management Co., Ltd. merged into JAG Energy Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2019
Japan Asia Group's Forestry Revitalization Service is transferred to JAG Forest Co., Ltd.
KHC Ltd. listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
May 2018
Transferred all outstanding shares of Japan Asia Asset Management Co.,Ltd.
Apr. 2018
Capital participation in Xacti Corpration. Started the collaboration of digital devices and spatial information business
Mar. 2018
Established a jointly-owned company “RTi-cast“with the core technology to estimate Tsunami inundation damage in real-time
Mar. 2018
Natori SolarWay (26.3 MW) completed in Miyagi
Nov. 2017
Capital participation in Sakazume Seizaisho Co., Ltd. Strengthened forest revitalization business.
May 2017
The Cabinet Office adopted the system that KKC took part in which estimates Tsunami inundation damage as the “Tsunami inundation damage estimation system”
Mar. 2017
Transferred all shares of Japan Asia Securities Co., Ltd., Okinawa Securities Limited and Japan Asia Research Institute Limited to Aizawa Secrities Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2017
Capital participation in Meiji Consultant Co., Ltd. Strengthened spatial information business
Jun. 2016
Entered the forest revitalization business by partly changing the Articles of Incorporation
May 2016
Launched school for drone operation/ 3D surveying to support i-Construction
Jul. 2015
Dissolved Holdings company structure (Japan Asia Holdings Limited, KOKUSAI KOGYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD.)
JAG Energy Co., Ltd. and Kokusai Land & Development Co., Ltd. amalgamated into JAG Energy Co., Ltd.
May 2015
Listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (Code: 3751; Company abbreviation: JAG)
Mar. 2015
Ashigara-Oi SolarWay (13 MW) completed in Kanagawa
Dec. 2014
Seabell International Co., Ltd. becomes consolidated subsidiary (name changed to JAG Seabell Co., Ltd.)
Sep. 2013
Joined the United Nations Global Compact
Apr. 2012
Acquired 100% ownership of KOKUSAI KOGYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD. through restructuring
Mar. 2012
Established JAG Energy Co., Ltd.
May 2011
Joined UNDRR's Private Sector Advisory Group
Feb. 2011
Completed Japan's first non-utility megawatt-scale solar power station, Miyazaki SolarWay (1 MW)
Oct. 2010
Selected as World Economic Forum Industry Partner
Feb. 2009
Former Japan Asia Group Limited merged with two other companies start a pure holding company, a newly-formed Japan Asia Group ( Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers code: 3751)
Jan. 2009
Made major entry into European renewable energy market
Apr. 2008
KHC CORPORATION LTD. becomes consolidated subsidiary
Oct. 2008
Apr. 2007
Established Japan Asia Research Institute Limited
Oct. 2007
Established pure holding company KOKUSAI KOGYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
Dec. 2006
Became largest shareholder of KOKUSAI KOGYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD.( formerly KOKUSAI KOGYO CO., LTD.)
Mar. 2003
Acquired controlling interest of Marukoudaika Securities and merged with Japan Asia Securities Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2003
First introduction of digital aerial camera in Japan
Oct. 2002
Acquired controlling interest of Okinawa Securities Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2002
Birth of Japan Asia Securities Co., Ltd. upon amalgamation of Marukin Securities and Kinman Securities
May 2001
Merged Koutoku Fudousan with Japan Asia Holdings
Sep. 1999
Opened representative office in Tokyo
Dec. 1998
Japan Asia Holdings Limited (Hong Kong) Established by Tetsuo Yamashita and Sandra Wu
Sep. 1987
Listed on First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Nov. 1978
Full-scale launch of Japan's first computer mapping
Jan. 1962
Construction consulting division established (known as Kokusai Road)
Oct. 1961
Listed on Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
May 1954
Company renamed KOKUSAI KOGYO CO., LTD.
Feb. 1949
Established subsidiary Nippon Kosoku Co., Ltd. and entered aerial photography mapping business
Oct. 1948
Company renamed KOKUSAI FUDOUSAN CO., LTD.
Sep. 1947
Established Sanro Kogyo Co., Ltd.